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Metabolic Typing utilizes an in-depth online questionnaire to determine your individual Metabolic Type. Using this information, a customized eating plan can be implemented to put you on the path to wellness. The premise of bioindividuality is that each of us are unique, unlike any other human on earth, but we usually fall within a broader group or genotype (Protein Type, Carb Type, Mixed or Balanced Type).
Based on the results of the questionnaire, you may find that you've been consuming foods for years which are counterproductive to your health and wellness.

As a Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor, I can provide you with the resources, education and support to implement an eating plan which benefits your Metabolic Type. You'll see overall health and wellness benefits from eating foods which are perfect for you.
I can attest to the difference foods & the proper macronutrient ratios can make in a person's life. After earning my degree in Holistic Nutrition in 2010, I incorporated lots of healthy choices into my family's diet. More healthy grains, more fruit & vegetables, smoothies with fruit and veggies, less meat. The result was that I had to take 1-2 naps per day, I was exhausted, didn't sleep well and just didn't have the energy to get through my day as mommy to 3 little girls. As part of the certification process for Metabolic Typing, I had to take the advanced questionnaire, implement the food choices and consult with my mentor. The difference was amazing! In 36 hours (trust me, I timed it!), I had energy, no longer needed a nap during the day, slept wonderfully and just felt obnoxiously upbeat and wonderful, and lost 5 pounds in one week. I'm a protein type, and REALLY needed the increased protein in the proper ratios.

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